ClearJoy Music Promo Photo


ClearJoy is a musical collaboration of two sisters. They provide music for any venue. They each play multiple instruments and provide a variety of music genres.


Elaina Steenson


Elaina recently graduated from Drake University with Viola Performance and Music Business majors with Business Studies and French Language and Culture minors. Her main instrument is the viola, but she has had lessons on piano, flute, and voice. She also has taught herself a variety of folk instruments, such as: Irish flute, penny whistle, and dulcimer.


One of her favorite things about being a musician is being able to play in small chamber ensembles - that is one of the reasons that sparked the idea for her and her sister's musical collaboration.


Anna Steenson


Anna is a student at Drake University. She is majoring in both Music and Digital Media Productions.


Her main passion lies with her cello, but, like her sister, she has had lessons on other instruments. She has taken mandolin, guitar, and piano lessons along with her regular cello lessons. Also like her sister, she has a great love for folk and Celtic music. Their whole house is filled with a wide variety of musical instruments. Some of Anna's favorites are the hammered dulcimer, the ukulele, the mandola, the bouzouki, and her mandolin. She hopes to acquire a banjo soon.


"I have collaborated with ClearJoy for several events. Their repertoire is broad, they play with great skill and artistry, their communication skills are superb, and they are delightful women in every way. Highly recommended!"

- Kristen Stanton, Artistic/Executive Director of Iowa Youth Chorus

"ClearJoy has such a wide choice of music to choose from and the flexibility to work with your schedule and venue. I'm an advocate!"

- Mark Poole, Local Big Band Artist